Wednesday, June 29, 2011

9th Grade Science for the girl!

Biology and Chemistry looks like a good fit. We will go between the two:
Biology: Zoology colouring book, Exploring the Way Life Works (see online syllabi for ideas), Biology Colouring Book, Units on 5 Kingdoms from Apologia book, Froguts for the lab work as well as our Microscope (need slides to create some new slides), some of the lab activities from Quirks and Quarks (blog)

Chemistry: Zumdahl text, Khan lectures, the Joy of Chemistry, The Elements, The Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments with the Homschooler's Kit!

Obviously this will take much more than a year... but I know she will like the change!

Also.... botany studies with art!
Chemistry Links...

Great Lectures:
Khan academy
Oxford -has a great link to online labs as well
middle school chemistry for C.
Possible enrichment for Hannah down the road at the U of M
Chart for 40s chemistry from the Manitoba Government (don't look at the rest of document- unless you want a thorough course in educationalease!)
I have ordered the Zumdahl book and will order the Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments!! I think I will use these last two, along with the text on my shelf, to cover the 11th grade Chem. with H. this year, which will leave time for more Biology and some Botany and Astronomy (our Natural History Studies with C. and Ar. and Aa.)

Ar. will do a combined Natural History, Marine Biology and Chem. experiment year!!

On another note.,,,
To Eyre- shawl pattern here

Friday, August 27, 2010

H.'s reads last year..

Some of the reads from the last part of the year:
Adam Bede
Tess of the D'Ubervilles
Jane Eyre
Bullfinch's Age of Chivalry (the Mabinogean part)
The Two Towers (yeah Hannah)
The Return of the King(Way to go!!)

Neat book..

Writing in English- out of print but free online! A nice change and great models!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Read Alouds at Present....

Great Expectations- done (what a marathon- but it was worth it!)
Julius Ceaser- done
Around the World in 80 Days
Simirrillion- H, A, and I
The Silver Chair- Papa to boys
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader- done
Trumpet of the Swan- Aa. and I
Jane Eyre- (still) H. and I
An Island Story- the boys and I

Wed. April 14th, 2010

Let's see...
Prayers and Acts of the Apostles
2 Chapters of Around the World in 80 Days
Artist Study- Lawren Harris- Beaver Swamp (oldest three wrote out their narrations)

Algebra- 1/2 of new lesson
Read: Blessed John, Caesar's Gallic Wars, Microbe Hunters (?)
Biology: studied more Cnidaria and made a page on P. Man of War
Writing: Description exercise in Writing in English (did a good job!)
Pennywhistle: off to tea and tunes tonight

Algebra- 1/2 of new lesson
Read: The Fellowship of the Ring, spiritual reading
Writing: art narration
Rest of the day at play practice for Twelfth Night

Math- next lesson
Read: Harry Potter, 2 chapters of The Last Battle
Writing: art narration
2 chapters An Island Story on audio at lunch
LOTS of outside play with water fight etc.

Math- couple of lessons
Read: Explode the code
Writing: a wee bit of copywork
2 chapters An Island Story on audio at lunch
Ditto C. with the play!

Baked beans, carrots, and toast
hmmmm (way to nice outside- prob. whip up a red lentil soup and serve it with bread).

Last night we had a nice long Simmirillion read- that book goes down like honey- it is so hard to stop reading. Papa is reading the Silver Chair to the littles at night when he can fanangle the last Harry Potter book out of C's grip.

Boys are on the Wii and A is off to his music night (H. is off at ballet all night).

That's a wrap!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Up Next...

For C. and Aa.
~keep on in Child's History of the World and read last 6 lives in Plutarch for Children: Greek Lives
~ then keep on in Child's History or begin Famous Men of Rome- but honestly I think I need a break from this book. I have read it through twice out loud to my kids and as good as it is I must admit that when I near the end of the book I don't ever want to hear about another famous man of Rome!). Maybe we will just read in the Hillyer book or maybe in the Story of Rome by Macgregor that Ar. loved or perhaps we will read in Hillyer and C. can read the Story of Rome later to himself.
~when we get to Rome I will read Ceaser's Gallic Wars (kids) to all the kids- I have wanted this book for years and finally found a reasonable copy.
~C. is reading Otto of the Silver Hand, but when he is done I might give the Children's Aeniad or In Search of a Homeland. I personally like the first one better but I think he will enjoy the pictures in the second one.
~H. is plugging away in Dicken's History of England and getting more into Ivanhoe
~Ar. is approaching Alexander the Great (he will read the Plutarch life for him I think). After this I will have to rethink the Rome part of his year as the Greek part will take us over half. My thoughts (off the top of my head) are...
~ the Aeniad (he really wants to read this)
~Ceaser's Gallic Wars (kids version with the family)
~Julius Ceaser- Shakepeare (being read now)
~readings from A Short History of the World by Robert's with notetaking
~not sure after that...